Our Contractor Services

New Custom Home Builders

Building a new home is a big investment both financially and a personal commitment to the project. Selecting a General Contractor that is familiar with the process of design, engineering, application requirements, city permits and has a proven ability to do the construction at a high level that exceeds customer expectations is your best approach to a successful project. Through effective project management we can navigate your project design through ongoing relationships with municipal staff, designers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers and other professionals required by your project. Our in house construction team combined with our committed trade relationships can provide a cost effective road to completion of your dream home. 

Residential & Commercial Renovation

Renovations are an important part of loving your home to its fullest. Your home can be your dream home. Through our creative and experienced professionals in seeing your homes potential, we can design and construct any room in your house to be an oasis of comfort and relaxation. Some of the top areas of a home for renovation over the many years we have been renovating homes are Kitchens, Bathrooms, Basements, Sundecks, Garages, Driveways, Sidewalks and Living Rooms. These are only a few places in your home that can make an effect on your energy, comfort and reflection on your home. We have done many complete gut jobs to areas of a house as well as to the entire home. Wether you are renovating a single area or an entire home inside and out our proven professional team of designers, project managers, carpenters and tradesmen are the best in the industry. We can provide you with cost effective ideas, creativity, and quality that exceeds your expectations.  

Commercial renovations are another one of our specialties.

Garages / Shops

Your garage is such an important feature of your personality. From the vehicle you store inside to the hobbies you do in your spare time, this space should exemplify your true personality. Garages of all sizes are also a large part of your homes resale value. Your garage can add a huge amount of appeal and value to a market listing. Our team has designed, constructed and renovated many garages and shops in various ways to meet the needs of our clients in functionality, appearance, purposeful usage and property appeal. We have been delivering exceptional spaces through our time tested practices of design and construction for many years.


Additions require a unique set of skills to be able to navigate city bylaws and size restraints to a properties overall allowable footprint on a lot. Often it requires creative design thinking, code understanding, city negotiating and experience to navigate this effectively. Additional space like this is invaluable to a family’s ability to love their home to its fullest capability. Our team of certified code professionals are able to approach your job with confidence that we will be able to navigate these design challenges and achieve your goals of additional space. Through a knowledgeable team of designers, project managers and construction professionals we will deliver you your dream project. 

Driveways / Sidewalks

Your driveway is the centrepiece of your home. A first and last impression for the sale and livability of your home. A smooth, sleek look gives curb appeal and safety when walking, and bragging rights to the neighbourhood you live in. Our experienced team of machine operators, carpenters, labourers and concrete finishers create exceptional designs and exceptional results, both visually and in lasting quality and durability. You can count on us to exceed your expectations in a timely, cost effective manner.

Household & Business Repairs, Maintenance & Upkeep

Household and business repairs are the forefront of insuring good long term value in your home. Your home and business are large personal investments in your family and your equity.  Maintaining this is essential. Our return customers have trusted in our team to effectively manage their property investment over and over for many years. We are known to be fair, reliable, knowledgeable and efficient in providing any service a client requires with 1 phone call from them to us. We handle everything after we discuss your required needs. The work will be completed either in house or by one of our exceptional partner trades in a timely manner. You can count on us exceeding your expectations of ease, reliability, friendliness, cleanliness and quality. Your home and business health is our commitment.


Excavation is the starting point of every new project. Wether you’re constructing a new space, building a new home or simply adding landscape features to your yard, the mighty strength of machinery enables a job to be completed with ease and efficiency. Our operators are experienced in both detailed grading and ground moving client expectations. With new, reliable machinery of any type required for your project, we are able to create earth shattering differences to your project. Not only can we do the digging but we can handle your entire project if needed. From footing to finishing we are able to exceed your requests. 

Landscape – Yard & Garden

Landscape is the epitome of beauty coming alive in a project’s finishing details. The icing on the cake shall we say. Our experienced landscape professionals can design, create and deliver your project needs with ease and exceptional care. Retaining walls, raised beds, gardens, grass areas, beautiful frolicking plants, bushes and trees will beautify your home or office with mind blowing effects. 

Winter Services – Salting & Snow Clearing

Winter services are essential to keeping your business presentable, accessible and safe through the winter season. When your lot is clear of snow and ice it provides an inviting, safe and caring feeling that shows responsible business practices and thus attracts clients that require your services. Our reliable professional team makes navigating winter seem easy. Servicing your business is easy with our clear and easy contracts. You can expect reliable well performed plowing, shovelling and salting consistently throughout the entire winter season. Monitoring of weather conditions, upcoming storms is done 24/7 through our office of winter storm managers to ensure we are ready when the weather hits to keep your business’s doors open.